Digital Hygiene Handbooks

What is Digital Hygiene?

Why Digital Hygiene is so important for the sustainable growth and success of organizations?

How startups and VET institutions can develop a robust Digital Hygiene framework?
Which are the best tools to develop good Digital Hygiene and the best way to integrate them into the daily routines?

Too many questions?

No worries, we have the perfect answers and best practice examples that will help you understand the concept of Digital Hygiene and how to implement it in your startup or VET institution.

Check our handbooks to discover:

  • What is Digital Hygiene.
  • Which are the best Digital Hygiene tools and the way to integrate them into your startup or VET institutions.
  • A customized Digital Hygiene Curriculum for VETs.
  • Best practices for implementing robust Digital Hygiene in startups and VET institutions.

Digital Hygiene: Handbook for Startups

Digital Hygiene: Handbook for VETs

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