Conclusions of The Good Digital Hygiene for Startups Survey National Reports

Erasmus+ Good Digital Hygiene for Startups project aims to educate organizations on the maintenance and security benefits of implementing a regular digital hygiene program for their systems and software.

To achieve this goal, it is important to know how organizations relate to digital hygiene: internal policies and procedures, level of digital skills, and competencies.

The researchers from each partner conducted a national survey, involving 160 business owners, managers, or workers of startups, VET providers, HEIs, industry leaders, and professional organizations from Latvia (27), Greece (30), The Netherlands (16), Poland (26), Romania (31), and Turkey (30).

The primary objective of the survey was to gather information about the current practice of managing digital hygiene and cybersecurity issues in their organizations, the previous experience with cybersecurity threats and respective solutions, and the approach to managing respective digital skills from the countries of Latvia, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Turkey.

Are you curious about the results? Please watch the presentation we prepared for you.

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